Grigory Ivliev, Director of Rospatent, awarded CryoTechnoMed with the nomination «One of the best 100 inventions in Russia» for the development  of the «Device for the induction of controlled hypothermia of the brain».


Source of photo: WIPO Press Center

100 best inventions were chosen out of 35,7 the most interesting patents, which were registered in 2018. 100 inventions were chosen from the following fields: «Metallurgy», «Mining», «Pharmaceuticals», «Polymer industry», «Energy industry», «Electronics», «IT», «Agriculture», «Transport», «Textile and light industry», «Medical equipment».

Sourse of photo: CryoTechnoMed Archive

CryoTechnoMed received the reward for the invention «Device for the induction of the controlled hypothermia of the brain» (Patent № 2653794).

Source of photo: CryoTechnoMed Archive

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